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Gaming Game Mechanics:

  • Players can create and customize their own avatar
  • Players can visit different locations such as recording studios, music distribution companies, and record labels
  • Players can collaborate with other players to create and distribute music
  • Players can sell their music through an in-game store
  • Players can earn in-game currency for their music sales


The story can revolve around a player’s journey to become a successful music artist in the industry. The player starts off as an aspiring artist and must work their way up by creating music, collaborating with other players, and selling their music.

Communication Feature:

  • Players can communicate with each other through in-game chat or voice chat
  • Players can form groups to collaborate on music projects
  • Players can receive notifications when new music is available for sale

Design Document:

The design document should outline the game mechanics, story, communication feature,.

Gaming System

User-Friendly Interface

  • Simple and easy-to-use design
  • Clear instructions for uploading music and accessing features

File Format Compatibility

  • WAV, MP3, and MP4 file formats
  • Option to choose the preferred format for upload

Music Upload

  • Allowing anyone to upload a song
  • No need to join the site
  • Automatic integration into the hustlegang studios’ distributed catalogs


  • Cash rain down feature
  • Earn money every time a song is played on the playlist
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HustleGang Studios Gaming Platform

HustleGang Studios

Create and Customize Avatar

Create your own unique avatar and stand out in the industry.

Visit Different Locations

Explore recording studios, music distribution companies, and record labels to grow your career.

Collaborate with Other Players

Join forces with other players to create and distribute music together.

Sell Your Music

Sell your music through the in-game store and earn in-game currency for your music sales.

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